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10 servings

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Product Code DLF110
Category Soluble
Barcode 8001684905263
Pack size 13 x 4 x 12 cm.


Ginseng Coffee is a delicious coffee with extract of the best qualities of Ginseng. It is easy to prepare with the single dose 6g sachets, suitable for use also away from home, at work or study. Ginseng Coffee can be prepared in different ways and with different recipes; depending on the quantity of hot water and powder, a more or less full aroma is obtained.  ·  INSTANT COFFEE WITH GINSENG FLAVOUR.  Best before: see the date indicated on the bottom of the pack. Ingredients: granulated sugar, skimmed milk powder,  instant coffee 18,35%, hydrogenated coconut oil, glucose syrup, flavours, stabilizer E339jj, ginseng extract 0,38%.

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