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2 Tubi con Capsule Grand Cru

20 capsule

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Set of 2 bottles of GRAND CRU coffee capsules of pure arabica Plantation: single
-10 capsules compatible with Nespresso ® machines. GAYO organic and TransFair – Sumatra-Indonesia
Indonesia Sumatra GAYO MOUNTAIN Coffee Pure Arabica from organic farming of a single Plantation
Full-bodied and spicy, this coffee is produced in the region of Aceh in Takengon plateau on the island of Sumatra, also known as the Sumatra Gayo Mountain Mandheling. Selected coffee is organic and the producer group is called "Tunas Indah Organic cooperatives". Coffee is grown for over 200 years in a natural way at an altitude between 1,000 and 1,700 meters a.s.l. The coffee of this plantation is guaranteed by the "TransFair". COFFEE-BODIED, RICH AND SPICY AROMA, IS WELL SUITED TO ANY TIME OF THE DAY THOUGH IT IS IDEAL AFTER DINNER.
-10 capsules compatible with Nespresso ® machines. MAPANGA Estate – East Africa
Rich and fruity Of prized arabica, Mapanga it comes from a single plantation situated in Malawi, a small Southeast African State. This country grows coffee since 1890, but production remains limited to preserve the extraordinary quality. Worked with great care and precision, its body is rich and full and fragrant aroma, slightly fruity, great mid-morning or afternoon break.

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